Game Guide

The Basics

How to win

The goal in the Free Strategy Game Epic Arena, besides having a great time, is to eliminate the enemy team or destroy all enemy Artifacts.

How to play

When you start the game, a random set of six cards will be dealt to you. They are drawn from your team's units, your gear or your powerup cards. They will appear on your hand at the bottom of the screen.

For each your turn you have five Action Points that you can use. Every time you deploy a unit, move a unit, add gear or armor, use a powerup, attack, heal, or revive an ally, you use one Action Point.

Deploying Units

To deploy a unit to the arena, tap the card in your hand to select it, then tap on one of your empty Deploy Tiles. The Deploy Tiles are highlighted in yellow.


To move a unit, tap it's feet to select it. The unit's tile will turn white if selected. Tiles that the selected unit can reach with one Action Point will be highlighted yellow. Tap any highlighted tile to move selected unit there, or tap outside highlighted area to cancel selection.


Select your unit by tapping its feet. Enemies that are within attacking range are marked with a red spinning reticule. Tap enemy's feet to attack.

Knocking out and Stomping

When units lose all their health points, they are knocked out and fall down. Be sure to revive knocked out units on your next turn, or they will be removed from play entirely.

Stomping enemy units is very important! This kills them forever. If you don't stomp them after they fall, your enemy can revive them on the next turn.

Healing and reviving

When you select a unit that has healing, reviving or any other special abilities that help an ally unit, those units that can benefit are highlighted with a blue spinning reticule. Tap the highlighted unit's feet to heal, revive or buff.

User Interface

In Game Help

When you want to know what your units, equipment, or Power-Ups do — what special abilities units have, how strong is a unit's attack, their defense or strength, or find out what a Boost Tiles does — tap Help ("?") button in the upper left corner. This will make question mark balloons appear. Tap any balloon to learn more. Or you can just double tap on any unit or card to get instant info about it.

Action Points & Undo

Moving, attacking and using cards costs action points. The action points wheel shows you how many moves you have left. You can undo your move by tapping on Action Point Wheel. You can even reverse all your moves if you wanted.

Submitting Turn

After you complete your turn (i.e. using up all five of your Action Points) you need to hit the Check Mark button in the bottom right corner to submit your turn. You can't undo your actions after submitting so make sure you are satisfied with your moves.

Camera Controls

  • Left Button to Pan
  • Wheel to Zoom
  • Right Button to Rotate

Gears and Powerups

If you want to add gear or armor to your unit, just tap on the appropriate card to select it and then tap on the unit you want to equip.

Some gear or powerups, like Powerblade, Shield or Helmet, are permanent. Others, like Uberstrike or Aqua Vitae, are used up after one use. Double tap any card to see details.

Some cards, like Order Firestorm or Chaos Warp, can be targeted on any tile of the arena. Some cards, like the Nuke cards are area-of-effect cards and cause damage within a specified radius.


See what you have! See what your enemies have! Tap on your or your opponents Avatar, then tap on the Spyglass icon in the player info popup to see what cards they have left.

Damage and Defence Types

There are two types of damage in Epic Arena — physical and magical. Also there are two defense types — physical defense and magical defense.

Move and Attack Range

Each unit has its own move range. Move range is the number of tiles a unit can move per one action. Some units like Dragon can fly. Other like the Lord of Chaos, can teleport. Flyers and teleporters can ignore obstacles.

Units have ranged and/or melee attack. Units that have only melee attack generally cause more damage the closer they are. Units with ranged attacks generally cause more damage the farther away from their target. Most units with range attack can't shoot over enemy units, only Order Alchemist can.

Brotherhood of Order

Archer800300 range
150 melee


Legion of Chaos

Cyclops 800 20020%10%12
Assassin800200 range
300 melee
Soul Ripper80020010%32
Seer800200 10%22
Lord of Chaos800300 10%13


Pirates of the Tortuga Bay

Boatswain 800 20013
Cannoneer650200 range
0 melee
Captain Hook800300 12

The Arena

The Arena is where the Epic action takes place. Hence the name. Once you enter, your units must stay in the Arena until they are destroyed or you are victorious.

Deploy Tile

Units can be spawned only on deploy tiles. Select your unit card and then tap on this tile to deploy here.

Artifact Damage Boost

Place your unit on this tile and ALL his comrades get a 300 point boost when they attack the enemy's artifact!

Attack Boost

Unit standing on this tile get an extra 100 point to his base attack!

Physical Defence Boost

Aggravate the opposition. Stand on this tile and deflect 20% of their physical attacks!

Magical Defence Boost

Frustrate your enemies. Stand on this tile and deflect 20% of their magical attacks!


Allows a unit standing on a Portal tile to move instantly to any other Portal tile on the game board.

Team Decks

Brotherhood of Order

Healing — Team bonus

  • The Order’s monks are excellent healers. Protect them from danger.
  • Use Aqua Vitae to revive knocked-out units.
  • Save Aqua Vitae for quick emergency revives, especially for a unit with a lot of upgrades or great strategic value.

Fighter (Defender)

  • A real powerhouse, the Fighter's blows knock back enemy units.
  • Tough to kill, especially if equipped with upgrades.
  • Use Fighters to control the board by knocking down or blocking enemies.

Archer (Shooter)

  • High damage at long range.
  • Benefits greatly from Powerblade upgrades and Attack Boost tiles.
  • Weak melee attack.

Alchemist (Caster)

  • Alchemist can target enemy groups with deadly chemical bombs.
  • Use against packed groups of enemies, and accompany his power with Powerblades and Uberstrikes.
  • Can toss over obstacles or hit an enemy within a crowd

Monk (Support)

  • Effectively heals damaged and knocked-out comrades.
  • Use Monk's blessings to increase power of your damage-dealers.
  • Keep Monks close to valuable units.

Dragon (Super Unit)

  • Obstacles are no match for the Dragon.
  • Use hit-and-run attacks to keep him safe.
  • Dragon's area-of-effect attacks are useful against clustered groups of enemies.

Legion of Chaos

Magic Resistance — Team bonus

  • Chaos units have a natural resistance to magical attacks.
  • Less effective at healing than the Order, but they have longer healing range.
  • Warp shields give great protection against melee attacks.

Cyclops (Defender)

  • Strong assault unit with an area-of-effect physical attack.
  • Less hit points than the Order’s Fighter, but can inflict splash damage three tiles distance.
  • Use Cyclops' advantages to protect your other units and attack clustered groups of enemies.

Assassin (Offender)

  • Fast and high damage attacker.
  • Shorter range than the Order’s Archer, but strong close range attack abilities.
  • Great for attacking enemy’s high-value targets. Equip with Powerblades and Uberstrikes for maximum damage.

Soul Ripper (Caster)

  • Attacks enemies at long range and can teleport onto the necks of his fallen opponents.
  • Attacks only single targets. No splash damage.
  • Teleport on top of knocked-out units to prevent them from reviving.

Seer (Support)

  • Healer who also has area-of-effect healing ability.
  • Attacks and heals at range.
  • Less effective at healing than the Order’s Monk, but longer healing range and area-of-effect abilities compensates.

Lord of Chaos (Super Unit)

  • Unique super unit that deals passive damage while teleporting.
  • Lord of Chaos can pass through obstacles.
  • His aura weakens the defenses of those around him.

Pirates of the Tortuga Bay

More Loot — Team Bonus

  • Playing with Pirates deck will give you more money after the match.
  • Use Mead to heal units and increase their defense.
  • Destroy enemy positions and deal heavy damage with Powder Keg.

Boatswain (Defender)

  • Fast melee attacker.
  • Boatswain counter attacks in melee range with NO action points cost.
  • Use heavily upgraded Boatswains to protect weak units.

The Harpooner (Shooter)

  • High-damage at long and melee ranges.
  • Pulls units toward him. Use Harpooners to pull units from boost tiles.
  • Benefits greatly from Powerblade upgrades and Attack Boost tiles.

Cannoneer (Caster)

  • Slow unit, but with very long attack range.
  • Keep him in rear guard and use against clustered groups of enemies.
  • The Pirates’s cannoneers are very weak. Protect them from danger.
  • Cannot attack in melee range.

The Doctor (Support)

  • Attacks and heals at range.
  • Passively heals units around him.
  • Use Doctor for healing cluster of units with no AP.

Captain Hook (Super unit)

  • Elite super unit; can charge and close the distance quickly.
  • Reduces attack power of units around him by 50%.
  • Upgrade and charge him on units with Black spot for instant kill.

Power Cards

You can create your unique deck by adding Power Cards to standard Team Deck. Now you've got 23 Power Cards available.


You can shoot through your barricades but your enemies can't. Great protection for units with distal attack or healing abilities.


Place on any tile to allow any ally unit a quick ride to that location. After that it disappears. So forget about a conga line. But use it fast because your enemies can destroy it easily.


Instantly increase maximum health by 10% then continues to restore 20 health points per any action for the entire life of the character.

Land Mine

Make your opponent watch his steps! Place a mine on an empty tile and wait. The mine detonates at the end of the turn if an enemy unit steps on it and deals 800 Physical damage. Ouch!

Minty Muscle Balm

Fighting all day is tough. Minty Muscle Balm soothes those aching muscles for 600 hit points and highlights your massive striations!

Aqua Magic

Quench your thirst and add 400 hit points to your reserves. Smack your lips for a 10% Magical resistance boost lasting one hit.

Spirulina Booster

Go green and heal 400 hit points with this powerful superfood elixir. Swig it fast for an additional 10% Physical resistance for one hit!

Helm of Arcane

Use this card to convert any empty regular tile into the Magical Defense Boost tile. Customize the game board at will!

Cobalt Shield

Use this card to convert any empty regular tile into the Physical Defense Boost tile. Customize the game board at will and get buffed!


Protects your units against Thunderbolts and adds 10% to Physical defense. Reflects 50% of Thunderbolt damage to ALL the units around you. Beware of friendly fire!

Jumper Mine

Sometimes close is good enough. Place the jumper mine and watch your enemies get it hard when they get too close. Sucks to be them!

Blue Blood

The elixir of Kings and Queens, pure Blue Blood restores an astounding 1000 hit points and its intoxicating scent adds 30% Magical resistance lasting for one hit.

Dragon's Heart

Imbibe rare Dragon's Blood to heal your severe wounds fast and gain 30% Physical resistance lasting for one hit. And like vengeance, it's best served cold.

Mighty Blades

Use this card to convert any empty regular tile into the Attack Boost tile. Customize the game board at will and pump up the damage you deal!

Spawn Stone

Use this card to convert any empty regular tile into the Deploy tile. Customize the game board at will and unleash your armies!


Restores a fallen unit to full health. But they must be fallen. So forget about using is on someone who has a broken ankle or bad acne. That's what the Regeneration card is for.


Knock down any enemy unit with one strike. Yes, I said one strike. Or use it to deal a whopping 1000 damage to a Team's Artifact.

Artifact Attack

Weakens the Artifact's defense for one turn. All attacks on it deal double damage.

Tree of Life

Absorb the rejuvenating force of the Tree of life and live to fight another day, and another day, and another day. Increases magical and physical defenses by 10% and continually adds 300 hit points each turn to all affected friendly units.

Purple Blaze

Use this card to convert any empty regular tile into the Artifact Damage Boost tile. Customize the game board at will!

Advanced Concepts

General Tips

  • Killing all enemy units is the most common way to win, but destroying your enemy's Artifacts is another. Artifacts can't move so they have no choice but to keep sustaining damage from attacks.
  • Controlling Artifact Damage Boost tiles can be a key to victory. Artifacts can sustain a lot of damage so you'll need help. Place your units on Artifact Damage Boost Tiles to magnify their comrades' damage.
  • Units can't walk through friendly or enemy units, so units that can fly or move by teleportation have a big advantage over others — look after them, and look out for them.
  • Customize your deck with Power Cards — they allow you greater tactical advantage and wider offensive and defensive possibilities.

Tips: Brotherhood of Order

  • Fully upgrade your Dragon with Shield, Helmet and Powerblade Power-Ups and use it to fly over to the enemy's rear guard and deal massive damage to groups of enemy units.
  • The Archer with its strong ranged attack and long shooting range is one of the most dangerous damage dealers in Epic Arena. Pump it up with Powerblade and kill your enemies quick.
  • Use your Fighters with their unique knock back attack to control the arena. Control Boost Tiles with your Fighters. Fighters upgraded with Shield and Helmet are almost invincible.
  • Knock out a group of enemies with your AOE damage dealers like Dragon and Alchemist. Than use Firestorm to clear fallen enemies from the arena.
  • If you have unused action points left, use your Monk to bless his hard-hitting comrades like Dragon, Archer or Alchemist so they will deal more damage next turn without using additional action points.

Tips: Legion of Chaos

  • Lord of Chaos' mere presence causes damage to surrounding enemies. His Dark Aura also weakens enemy's defenses. A fully upgraded Lord is a devastating killing machine.
  • Use Chaos Warp to deal massive damage to a group of enemy units and push your enemies out of position with its knock back effect.
  • Use your Assassins to slay your enemies and then teleport on fallen units with the Soul Ripper to finish them off for good.
  • Protect your valuable units with Warp Shields — it's nearly impossible to kill them with melee attackers because the Warp Shield pushes them back.
  • A Cyclops hit deals splash damage three tiles ahead — use it to reach weaker enemies staying behind protection.

Tips: Pirates of the Tortuga Bay

  • Fully upgraded Harpooner deals high damage and can be used for pulling units from their positions.
  • Protect your weak units with Boatswains. Boatswains' counter attack can even kill melee attacker.
  • Upgrade your Cannoneers with Powerblades and place them on Attack Boost tile for devastating damage to your enemies.
  • Use your fully upgraded Captain for charging between enemy units. The Captain is VERY hard to kill in melee, so he can last a long time behind enemy lines.
  •  Use combination of Black Spot and Powder Keg to kill almost any unit on the board.