Pirates of the Tortuga Bay


You don't need good manners or fancy talk if you can just take what you want. This crew of roughnecks cruises the seven seas in search of fame, glory and gold. Well, mainly gold - they can live without the fame and glory as long as they get rich! A diverse and dangerous team perfect for terrorizing the high seas.

Team Bonus:

Pirates love gold, so they get 20% more when they win. Tough luck other teams.



A fast and furious melee fighter. Never one to turn the other cheek, Boatswain always hits back in melee attacked. Powerful and quick, this bonus counter attack uses NO Action points and deals 50% of current damage.



Harpoons aren't just for whaling, they're darn good for catching just about anything. The Harpooner causes severe distal damage and then he drags his opponent in for the kill. Ouch!



The Doctor keeps the crew healthy. He heals wounds and revives fallen teammates with ease. His fellow pirates are even healed when standing next to him. Talk about the placebo effect!



Very long attack range with AOE! But don't expect him to get there quickly, cannons are super heavy, so keep him protected.

Captain Hook

Super Unit

Don't be fooled by the peg leg and eye patch, Captain Hook can charge and overrun his opponents with ease. So infamous is Hook, that nearby enemies panic in his presence and loose 50% of their fighting abilities.

Treasure Chest

Team Artifact

Pirates live for the glory and treasure. Destroy their treasure and they have nothing to live for. Hey, it's not like they have college degrees to fall back on!



This ancient beverage heals for 700 and adds 50% Magical and Physical resistance lasting for one hit. Can combine with other resistance bonuses.



Boost the physical defenses and health of your weaker characters or add unrivaled defensive abilities to your strongest. The Shield Adds 20% to physical defense and 10% to maximum health.



Boost the magical defenses and health of your weaker characters or add unrivaled defensive abilities to your strongest. The Helmet adds 20% to magical defense and 10% to maximum health.



Unleash the fury! Bestowing the mighty Powerblade permanently increases an ally's damage by 50%. Ouch!

Powder keg


Inflicts devastating damage to nearby enemies. To add insult to injury its blast also destroys the fallen and pushes enemies away from the epicenter. Temporarily weakens physical and magical defenses.

Black Spot


Nothing like a curse to ruin someone's day. Cast the Black Spot on any enemy unit and deal triple damage on your next attack.