Legion of Chaos


Guided by the power of the Eye of Chaos, The Legion of Chaos thrives in a world of uncertainty and brutality. Forever advancing on the Third Plane of Existence they seek control of the Arena and will defeat all those who oppose the return of entropy and decay.

Team Bonus:

Gifted in the dark arts, The Legion of Chaos enjoys a 10% bonus to their magical defenses. Spell users beware!




Though he may have tunnel vision, his thick skin and mighty power make Cyclops a frightening opponent. With his massive club he can inflict splash damage three tiles distance, so look out!



Quick and stealthy, the Assassin terrorizes his opponents with devastating hand to hand blows and fearsome ranged attacks.



An effective distal healer with moderate striking abilities, The Seer can mend ally wounds within three tiles distance and all those within the area of effect. Keep her protected.

Soul Ripper


Whether searing his enemies with his devastating magical attacks or teleporting onto the necks of his fallen opponents, the Soul Ripper is feared by all.

Lord of Chaos

Super Unit

Ethereal and powerful, the Lord of Chaos can pass through obstacles while his mere presence weakens the defenses to those around him. He moves through the battle by teleportation and all enemies around him suffer damage when materializes.

Eye of Chaos

Team Artifact

The ancient artifacts that give Chaos its power. If they are all destroyed, Chaos too will fall.

Essence of Chaos


This magical elixir heals your allies for 700 points and increases their maximum health by 10%.

Warp Shield


Adds 10% to physical defense and increases the wearer's maximum health by 10%. The Warp Shield's mysterious force causes hand to hand attackers to be repelled one space.



Boost the magical defenses and health of your weaker characters or add unrivaled defensive abilities to your strongest. The Helmet adds 20% to magical defense and 10% to maximum health.



Unleash the fury! Bestowing the mighty Powerblade permanently increases an ally's damage by 50%. Ouch!

Warp Blast


Inflicts devastating magical damage to its target's epicenter while its blast radius damages nearby enemies. And to add insult to injury its blast also destroys the fallen and pushes enemies away from the epicenter.



Wipe out an opponent with a single blow. Grab the Uberstrike and multiply your damage by 300% for one attack. Choose wisely as you can only use it once.