Brotherhood of Order


Deriving their power from the sacred Dragon Egg, the order has no patience for the undisciplined and weak. A beacon of virtue and strength on the Third Plane of Existence, the Order wages an endless war against the forces of entropy and darkness and seeks permanent control of the Arena.

Team Bonus: 

Blessed with moral purity, the Brotherhood of Order receives exceptional healing effects from their Monk and potions.




Big and burly, the Fighter is the Order's powerhouse. With unrivaled health and physical defenses his powerful blows knock his victims a full space back.



The master of dealing out distal damage, the Archer's frontal assault clears the battlefield for her fellow allies. A weak hand to hand fighter, make sure to keep her protected and she'll never let you down.



Count your blessings. The Monk restores an ally's health or resurrects the fallen. If the ally is already at 100% health the Monk's blessing instead increases an ally's attack damage by 50%!



Obstacles are no barrier to the Alchemist's deadly chemical bomb attacks. Even a splash can devastate his opponents! Burn baby burn!


Super Unit

The gift of flight gives the Dragon superior range and renders barriers useless. Dragon's horrible breath burns his victim and all those unfortunate enough to be standing nearby.

Dragon Egg

Team Artifact

The ancient artifacts that give Order its power. If they are all destroyed, the Order is destroyed as well.

Aqua Vitae


When you're on the ropes, Aqua Vitae is powerful enough to restore the health of even the most severely injured allies. Also great for reviving a fallen comrade.



Boost the physical defenses and health of your weaker characters or add unrivaled defensive abilities to your strongest. The Shield Adds 20% to physical defense and 10% to maximum health.



Boost the magical defenses and health of your weaker characters or add unrivaled defensive abilities to your strongest. The Helmet adds 20% to magical defense and 10% to maximum health.



Unleash the fury! Bestowing the mighty Powerblade permanently increases an ally's damage by 50%. Ouch!



Unleash hellfire from the skies. All enemies unfortunate enough to be within it's one tile radius will feel the burn and fallen soldiers will meet their maker.



Wipe out an opponent with a single blow. Grab the Uberstrike and multiply your damage by 300% for one attack. Choose wisely as you can only use it once.