New Epic Arena Power Cards coming soon!

We’re so exited to inform you that this August we’re going to release new Power Cards with unique features. So stay tuned not to miss the update and start creating your unique deck while adding new Power Cards to one of the standard Team Decks. More

Team Deck = 99K Gold

You can now purchase any Team Deck for 99K Gold Coins, the in-game currency you earn playing Epic Arena. More

Pirates just boarded Epic Arena!

It is the big Holidays surprise at Epic Arena: A new team just came up at Epic Arena. But no, it does not came up, it boarded Epic Arena. Meet the Pirates! More

Epic Arena Update live now!

The Epic Arena Developer teamworks constantly on improving our game - and on November, 25th it was time for an update. Read here what this version 1.3.6 is all about: More