Epic Arena - Online Strategy Game

Fans of strategy games and free online games will find themselves at home on the battlefield of Epic Arena. Two powerful armies meet in the arena and fight for honour in a multiplayer battle. Epic Arena combines the thrill of tactical board games and the adaptation of card games with the glory and magnificence of 3D games. 

Play Epic Arena online, set up your team-deck army, equip them and lead them into an awesome epic battle against your foes – free, online, anywhere, any time!

  • Combines strategy games, board games, card games and tactics into an epic experience.
  • Countless possibilities and outcomes! No two games are alike!
  • Each team and each unit offer unique skills and talents that are to be mastered.
  • Use magic cards to adapt your team and harness their fury.
  • Play online with your friends. Anytime! Anywhere!
  • Offline, you can improve your skills with single-player challenges!

Hurry! Register now for one of the best strategy games of our time; reserve your preferred username for Epic Arena. You can find out more about how the game works in the strategy games guide for Epic Arena.